Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behing the Scenes of the Healthcare Conference

Sept. 13, 2009 from Lori in
Chula Vista, California.
Just a few more days till Chris returns from Zambia, Africa after being there for almost two months. Well, he won't be returning home but he will be back state-side. Before he gets to enjoy his own bed, we'll be making a 5-day stop in Pasadena, CA to assist at this year's West Coast Health care Missions and Ministry Conference. If you are in the area, join in on some great teachings on both domestic and international health care ministry.
The last several weeks that Chris has been working in Zambia, I've been working on the conference administrative team. That means conference calls, lots of emails, and prepping for the workshop I'll be giving. There has been days at the computer creating handouts, putting together a power point presentation, making copies, etc. Oh and let's not forget fighting with the machine. Seems that a recent upgrade that was made on the computer resulted in some fonts turning into garble. And then the wireless went down. Praise God, we have a friend who came to the rescue. Computers are GREAT when they work, but when they don't, they sure can slow the process down. Chris and I actually work all year around in spurts on conference details. However, the two months preceding the event can keep us pretty occupied.
Chris had his box of materials for his two workshops all packed before he flew out in July for Zambia. There it sits already for me to put in the car before I head to the airport to pick him up. You'll find me at the computer the next few days, as I finish up posters for the 70+ workshops to be offered. A true friend assisted me this past week in collating and other conference prep. Glad to have her help, gave me some time to sleep this week.
Chris and I are counting down the days till we are together again especially as we have never been apart for so long before. Please pray we have a smooth reconnect and for the conference.
Thanks for all your prayers.

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