Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sept. 5th from Lori about San Vicente, MX

About Aug, 6th,2009. Delay due to security issues.
VBS with the Angels.

This is the last day of the week long Vacation Bible School in the migrant camp. The Angels have improved their ministry skills with the kids this week. Each day the girls choose different responsibilities; starting with prayer, leading songs, telling the Bible story, and teaching a memory verse.
When I inquired from the girls what they would like to learn in upcoming classes they expressed a desire to learn
  1. How to evangelize more effectively
  2. How to plan and organize lessons
  3. How to draw
  4. How to help the children to walk with the Lord.

You can tell that these girls are really interested in ministering more effectively. So, I have planning to do for the next set of classes with the Angels during the Fall.

This little one decided to fall asleep in my arms during VBS. Funny thing was, I had to ask around to find out where she lived so that I could deliver the sleeping girl to her Mother and Father after class. Guess, the parents trusted us.

Here is a pic of some of the Angles. It's difficult to get a photo of all of them at one time as they all have responsibilities as home and can't go out each day of outreach.

Please keep them in your prayers.



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