Monday, January 28, 2019

Discipling and Raising Up... One Stitch at a Time!

Jan 2019

¡Hola, amigos!

One of the main-stay ministries in San Vicente is the 'Cottage-Industry Star Seamstresses', guided by Lori since 2008 (11 years now!).

Needless to say, the main-stay of the ministry is mostly Discipleship, learning solid work-habits and business 'behaviors'. Most of these women have only attended SOME schooling (usually up to the 6thor 8th grade), and ran only their houses and families.

Besides the countless days of 'sewing workshop' and 'product-making', there is much teaching that goes on, both individually and in a group.

Not only is it 'technical skills' related to sewing and the machines needed to do that, but personal disciple and responsible-work behaviors.

Each woman has a posted 'accomplishment board', with recognition for when they exhibit positive self-business behaviors... coming prepared to work, being on time with their water bottle [they get one when they join the ministry], calling ahead of time when they cannot keep an appointment ['just not showing up' is a bad-habit problem with the culture of the village here]

When the women achieve a certain level of points, they get free stuff... all very desirable...

PLUS, Lori gives 'workshops' on things like keeping your sewing-machine in good, working order...

Discipleship... day in, day out, slow-grow... the beauty of coming into Good things that God has for them!

¡Dios es Bueno!
your bro, Chris

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