Monday, January 28, 2019

Hat Outreach + Invite-to-Church = 10% bump

Jan 2019


We love hat outreaches here in San Vicente! The winter months can blast winds and low-30 temps. For our neighbors who live in shaky housing, with little kids... it can be serious health concern. We've given away around 1000 hats every for the last 16 years, and they are always well-received and appreciated, especially by las madres con hijos (mums con kiddos).

                    [Lori getting the hats sorted for the outreach]
                          [Gracias! Little heads covered up for the cold nights!]
One thing we've joined together is Hat Distribution outreaches with churches going into the community and inviting people to their church. So it was this past Saturday with a church co-pastored by one of the Star Seamstresses in the Ministry. We met up in the morning at the house-church (in this case, a house that gets used AS a church), divided up our 'areas', and off we went!

                        [Team plan, hit the road... good walking shoes a must!]
Our teams went to over 15 blocks in SW San Vicente, gave out over 170 hats, invited a slew of people to church, and prayed for those who would let us... that's alot of little heads!

                            [Check out the cool striped hat for the mom of the house!]
We attended church there on Sunday. Usual attendance is about 48 people (adults+kids). Six people came to church who had never been before, invited by the Hat outreach... yes!
One woman received prayer for a leg injury on Saturday, and told us her leg was significantly better that Sunday morning... yes, Jesus!

THANK YOU to the dozens of people who send us the Hats for Outreach each year.
Stay tuned for more Hat OUtreach news!

¡Gracias nuestro Dios!
Bro Chris


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